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Name of Commissioner:
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Black Cloak (otherwise known as Organization XIII coat) and drawstring chain, Kingdom Hearts series
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Black Cloak for reference; I'll have my own coat up soon.
Timeline: I'd say from three to four weeks, October of this year. I'm sorry, I'm bad with dates. XD However, for the outfit made, I'd say this is a fair timeframe.
Describe your Experience: There were no problems whatsoever with the ordering of the coat, and it came within the month, as I had hoped (I'm a cheapskate and use cosplay costumes for Halloween). When I received the coat itself, it was folded and wrapped up quite nicely, with the attached chain in its own separate wrapping to keep them apart. Very nice work in that respect. It fit perfectly and even kept me warm through a long, cold night of candy-gathering, which was a plus, considering the thing is made of pleather.
The only thing that I'm not absolutely pleased with is the drawstring chain. I excuse the unusual beads and whatnot that go through the chain (metalworking would probably be required for having an exact duplicate), but the links themselves did come apart rather easily. However, they went back together just as well, and look fine otherwise, so it's not a very big concern.
Overall, great work. I'd be willing to buy from these guys again, and if the Kaito jacket is to be trusted, I likely will sometime in future.
Final Grade: A

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