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Name of Commissioner: kennethchenwang
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: America from Hetalia (uniform without the bomber jacket)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Just pictures from the photoshoot: 382_n.jpg 36_n.jpg
More photos when they're done uploading from the photoshoots! If i forget, look through my gallery at the America cosplay pictures c:
Timeline: I sent all my measurements on November 23rd, and it arrived on December 3rd!
Describe your Experience: OH MY GOD. I love this so much.

First of all: Background information. I saw the America cosplay on his eBay site, and i was reluctant, since i didn't need the jacket, and there were no reviews for him. I have him the benefit of the doubt and sent him an email. We ended up doing the transaction outside of eBay, where i sent him $91 for the entire outfit including shipping, just no bomber jacket. Good deal to me.

Oh my god, a week and a half? I love how fast this arrived!

The outfit is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. The stitching is great, and it fits me like a glove. The pants are a little small at the top (they go up to my waist), which just made it hard to sit down. Which really wasn't a problem for me, since i unzipped it halfway, and the jacket was long enough to cover it up. If you order from him, i suggest you tell him your waist size a little bigger than it is.

I only had a few little problems with it, which i really can't complain about since its so nice anyways XD;; But i need to be honest.

1. The belt sucks. Its like, a strip of pleather with a silver pleather as a buckle. Reaaaally corny. But it does the job accurately, i guess XD I'll be getting a better belt. I knew it was going to suck cuz of the pictures, so i cant complain.

2. The material is a little too yellow for my tastes. Its supposed to be a tan color, but it had a hint of yellow in this. Not too worrisome, just a little bit of a downer.

3. I wore it the day after i got it for a Hetalia gathering. In the course of that, i lost two buttons :'| They were BEAUTIFUL buttons, having an eagle on them and such. And one fell off a pocket, the other fell off a shoulder ;-; I'm going to email him and ask him if i can buy a bunch of those buttons in case more fall off.

4. Instead of the jacket buttoning up the front like a normal jacket would, it instead clips. Which makes sense, since the art never shows buttons. But its still a little weird, and i keep fearing the clips are going to pop off. I got used to it, but it was still a little odd.

5. The pockets are arranged on the jacket that without the belt, it looks odd. I don't know how to explain it. I just can't use the jacket for anything unless i wear a belt with it. Not too much of a problem, but.. ehh, i'm picky.

Now for the REALLY good stuff!

1. Shipped and arrived in ten days. OMG.

2. The buttons!! SO COOL. They were silver with this symbol on them: Soooo nice of a touch for an America cosplay! I was so stoked!

3. Did i mention it fit AWESOME? The pants were a bit tight, but thats probably my fault. I think i gained weight.

4. The material was actually pretty nice. The dress shirt could double as a normal dress shirt on another day o.o

5. Every pocket was real <3

I love this costume so much <3

Final Grade: B+

Lose points for the buttons falling off, coloring oddness, and the fail belt, but gaining points for those awesome buttons.
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