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Cool thank you for the Info!

i was able to find a hotel for $87 a night.

1030 West Katella Ave
Anaheim, Ca 92802

Looks like a good hotel. 0.16 Miles from Convention Center 12 Second Drive so what is that 4-5 Minute Walk?

for me safety is a good issue, but too many complain about the safety on South Figueroa that AX is Held. Ive never come across any problems on that street i walk it sometimes at 1:00am when im in LA - so its pretty safe. Never have really walked Anaheim Streets, so im going to have to check out the night life on the street after Events and such!

but any who. thanks again for the info on the Hotels i'll tell my friend bout them cause he wants to stay somewhere Expensive lol......... (see if he has enough money for AM2Con Merch!)
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