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here is a Conversation taken from someone asking the same thing you are:

Can I trust
I'm looking around for the best cheap sites to buy anime and this seems a bit to good to be true.
I've used before and it screwed me over; is tower anime a secure site?
Thank you for your help!

If you could tell me some great sites for anime also, that woul be great!
Besides amazon. =)


Best Answer - Chosen by Voters got me too. I have done a test order with but it's not looking good so far the dvd I order was listed as in stock but hasn't shipped yet. uses the same 5 e-mail order updates as did so I think it's the same people just using a new name. Here are some good sites I order from alot that you can check out and also Think you like those they have some good deals and I trust all 3. is ok but the prices aren't discounted so i only order from them if I can't get it anywhere else.


not my conversation above... as for me last time i bought Anime online was 3 years ago from (RightStuf) i used to get my shipments within 3-4 days
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