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2 sets of 55 jumping jacks (fun at first but now, 7 hours later, very painful)
I managed to do 5 push ups before nearly smashing my nose on the floor!
I did 6 more, modified. (Ugh, massive upper body pain now)
20 sit ups (couldn't do another set. >_<)
2 mile walk alternating with jogging

Breakfast: Opened up a 20. oz 7-up, drank half. *winces* 2 Maple Syrup flavored links with steamed rice, a handful of strawberries and several cups of water.

Lunch: Same as breakfast. Grabbed more strawberries, two oranges and chopped them up then mixed in half a cup of non-fat plain yogurt. Drank a bit more of the 20. oz 7-up.

Dinner: Same as breakfast. 1 glass of squeezed Clementine orange juice. Finished the 20. oz 7-up. 1 5 hour energy drink.

I forgot I hate links. But I ate them because my mother made them and I'd never hear the end of it if I didn't. She always knows when I throw stuff out too. OOoh, and today's a rest day! *sobs in relief*
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