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Name of Merchant: Shopping
Item purchased: TECHNICALLY nothing yet (you'll see why in a second), but attempting to buy the Zephyr Soft Random Black in the Clearance section.
Links to picture(s) of your received item: None.
Timeline (how long your order took to process): Attempted to buy it yesterday afternoon, immediately put a help ticket in, still waiting for a response.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. So.

This is more of a review-in-action, I suppose you could say. Yesterday afternoon I decided against my best judgment to go for one of the clearance Japanese wigs since I had a $20 gift certificate for the shop, the wig was only $30, and it was what I was looking for for a cosplay I wanted to do. So I went ahead, put it in my cart, added my gift certificate code successfully, checked out, yaddayadda. Payment is through Paypal as always, so off to the Paypal site I went!

...This is where things get painful. Taken straight from my Help Desk ticket:
"When attempting to pay for my order, when it sends me to Paypal, the payment amount is blanked to zero- in other words, it doesn't transfer the cost I need to pay when it transfers the page over to Paypal, and in theory, I could send .01 for a wig.
Considering the item I'd like to buy is on clearance and supposedly one piece remains in stock, it would be nice for this to be fixed ASAP so it doesn't get bought out from under me.
Screenshots of what I mean: "

(For those wondering, the actual total should have been $14.35.)

Well, whaddaya know! When I zipped outta the Paypal page, guess what happened? The store's system still thinks I actually bought the wig, so it's now listed as OUT OF STOCK, since there was only one left to begin with; in addition to this, my Gift Certificate balance? Zero. Yup, that's right, I didn't actually pay any money but somehow that wig was still "bought", according to the system.

I immediately filed a Help Desk ticket (timestamp 2:30 PM) with all of this information, and have as of yet not received a single response. It has been over a day. I am not calling them because I have more important things to do (like finals, once I finish typing this!) and the customer should not have to go on a run around to inform the seller that THEIR system is broken. And why should I bother, when I haven't actually lost any money, yet? All in all it's the frustration of not getting the wig, yes, but there's plenty like it on ebay for about the same price. Cosworx used to be amazing, but in these past few years has shown again and again that they are never gonna clean their act up, from the CS nightmares everyone's had since the shop changed over to the complete and utter informational blackout regarding the death of the Japanese wig lines. I won't say I'll never buy from them again, but I certainly won't if I can help it anymore.

EDIT (12/8): So apparently I'm told the outages on Paypal may have been caused by an outside source... which is great! I'd love to inform the shop! ...Except that still hasn't replied to my Help Desk ticket yet. What a surprise. Who even knows where the heck this wig I tried to buy is by now...

Final Grade: C at the moment, only because I haven't actually lost any money on this yet- however I did just get cheated out of a $20 gift certificate; I'll update if this ever gets sorted out (I have my doubts; but it truly seems the only way to get anything done around here is to air your dirty laundry with them, unfortunately. Look how many negative reviews they have on their own site! You'd think they'd take the hint.)

Mostly I'm just bemusedly, morbidly curious when they're gonna notice that someone "bought" a wig and never actually got to pay for it- haven't they noticed that wig now shows 'out of stock'??? And I'm kind of curious if Paypal only did this to me, or if this has happened to anyone else recently...
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