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Last nights Leg Workout:
Seated Plate Loaded Squats: dropset(330x10,280x10,230x10),320x10,370x10,420x8
Side Lateral Dumbbell Raise: dropset(20x10,12x10,8x10),20x10,25x10,25x8
Seated Calf Raises: dropset(75x10,50x10,25x10),90x10,100x10,110x8
Barbell Shrugs: 230x6(too much to start with XD),160x10,180x10,200x10

Strawberry PopTart and cup of joe
4 Eggo Waffles
Protein Shake(1/2 serving of ON Serious Mass Protein powder, scoop of glutamine & creatine)
Steak and mash potatoes

I snack on locally made beef jerky throughout the day while drinking water to stay hydrated.
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