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Today's Exercise:
Triceps and Abs -
Overhead Tricep Extension - 4 sets (45/75/75/75)
Skull Crushers - 4 sets (70/70/60/60) Counting bar as 10lb
Dips - 3 sets (May try for weighted dips next week if I can still isolate tri's)
Over/Under Cable Tri Pulldowns - 2 sets (8/9)
Decline Situps - 3 sets
Weighted Leg Extensions - 3 sets (15/15/15)

Kamen - It can be fun to "Win" on a test, lol, but not really something to share with classmates.

therob - how much jerky are you eating each day, your protein seems a little low, unless that is one huge steak

Food Update: Tried unflavored Greek Yogurt for the first time yesterday, basically tastes like blended/whipped cottage cheese. Gonna try adding some cinnamon today to see how that works, and might try some cocoa powder tomorrow. : )
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