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Name of Commissioner: Fantasy Sheep
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: America from Hetalia wig
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Timeline: Ordered on November 25th, arrived December 4th.

So after hearing some good reviews on Fantasy Sheep, i decided to order a wig from them. Their America wig looked really nice. It wasn't on the site's shop, so i emailed them and they put a listing up.

When the wig arrived, i was impressed. It fit my head rather nicely. The little hair sticking up was originally straight in the photos (which bothered me, as its supposed to curl) but was curled when i got it. I was super stoked! Now i don't have to fix it

-The wig fits my head nicely and looks great!
-It arrived super fast!
-They fixed the hair curl to be curly rather than straight like it was in the pictures. I didn't even ask c: Saves me work.

-The fibers are a little more coarse than i'm used to... the edges of the hairs have a slight prickly feeling to them that makes it feel like i'll get a static shock from them XD;;
-The bangs flip out more than they did in the photos, which just means i'll have to tame it a bit. Not too big of a deal.
-Its shedding a tiny bit, which scares me since its such a short wig o__<;;

Final Grade: A- (because the fibers are more coarse than they should be)

EDIT: Yeah, the fibers are pretty... coarse. Like, right now i'm wearing the wig and petting the back of it. It feels like one of those fuzzy caterpillars that have that prickley, fuzzy fur... Not that this makes it any worse VISUALLY, but it just feels odd to me
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