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Darkening under cheekbones may make a face a little more angular-looking (or thin it out), but that isn't really going to change the shape of the jawline itself. You can darken UNDER it and if you contour correctly, it will become more pronounced and should turn out looking more masculine, but you have to know your own face and be keyed into masculine/feminine indicators and be able to apply them to yourself, working with your own face/body shape.

I'm a professional artist/graphic designer, so makeup is easy for me since I shade faces all the time when I draw them. I just apply the same principles to myself (although none of the pics I've posted in this thread have had makeup applied and I don't wear it IRL, ironically, only when I'm pretending to be some dude...mostly so my face isn't shiny in photos) as I would when I'm trying to render a dude's face in pastels or photoshop or something.
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