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Posting for today and yesterday.

Crunches: (100 reverse)
Push ups: 50

Breakfast: Lime chicken, rice, baked beans
Lunch: Grilled cheese with turkey, tomato soup
Snack: Cake, cookies
Dinner: Pizza, Captain Morgan w/Coke

Three dozen cookies, an entire cake (no frosting), and a whole sheet pizza devoured by six girls. That was some Christmas party. (Luckily, I managed to exhibit restraint)

Walking: 3mph, 4 miles, 80 minutes
Crunches: (150 legs raised) (150 reverse)
Push ups: 150

Lunch: Grilled cheese with turkey, baked beans, milk
Snack: Strawberry smoothie
Dinner: Rotisserie chicken, baked beans, green beans with potatoes
Snack: Chex Mix

Super tired after last night, but I still had to study. I've just got to hang in there until Wednesday, and then I've got a whole month away from campus.

I'll give your suggestions a try once exams are over.
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