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Red face Some help please?

I have been following lolita fashion for about 2 years (haven't worn because it would be too expensive to have commissioned for a person of my size, and all the stuff in my price range that I like is waaay too small. But I admire it very much) Anyway I have some questions about lolita fashion. (In no particular order of importance.)

1. I know this sounds really silly, but can a jewish girl wear gothic lolita with stars of david instead of crosses ^^; (I know that not all goth-loli has crosses, just curious since I am jewish)

2. I was reading on here and I saw that mini top hats are not lolita, why?

3. Do you get a lot of rude comments and rudeness from people when you wear it in public?

4. Would wearing it to school be good idea? (Not concered about the other kids opinion in this question, just worried about things most people wouldn't think of like petticoats deflating from sitting too long since I heard that it is permanent)

5. What do you think about furries? (Not thinking about combining fursuits and lolita at all, just curious since I am one too)

6. I've heard mixed opinions on the English Gothic and Lolita Bible, what's your opinion?

7. What kind of fabric could I use in sewing a blouse?

8. What fabic would be good in a dress and a jumperskirt? Petticoats?

9. What would be a good lolita sewing project for a beginner seamstress?

10. Is milanoo good for shoes? I know the clothes are crap but I've heard mixed reviews on their shoes. If not where is a place I can get good shoes?

11. Is there anything that I should know before I wear it? I have been to a lot of sites on lolita since I discovered it so I know some.

Thank you for reading through these questions, and hopefully answering a few. Sorry about some of the silly ones but I want to look my best in lolita.
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