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1. Go for it. It's not that hard to avoid stuff with crosses though, I don't particularly like wearing them myself.

2. Mini top hats can be lolita, they're just not really worn anymore. They were popular back in like...2005-2006 and have fallen out of fashion since.

3. Sometimes. It does depend on where you live and where you go, though. I get a pretty big mixture of comments, some good, some bad. However, I do find that if I go somewhere nice with a group of other lolitas or just friends in general I'm less likely to get bad comments.

4. I wear lolita to school every day! Organdy petticoats don't deflate like tulle ones do, I'd suggest one of those if you're going to wear it to school frequently. One or two days of school won't entirely deflate a tulle petticoat. Also, a bit of spray starch and hanging a petti upside down can return some of the poof.

5. I wouldn't be too happy to see furry stuff combined with lolita, but other than that I don't really care.

6. I like the English bibles I have read, but it's out of print now.

7. A nice medium weight cotton or poly/cotton is good for both blouses and jsks.

8. Organza is awesome for petticoats, it doesn't deflate nearly as much as tulle. Tulle is cooler in the summer though.

9. I think skirts are easiest, and this tutorial is pretty simple!

10. Milanoo is pretty much bad at everything. Their communication, shipping, and general service is pretty terrible. Bodyline has a pretty big selection of shoes that are all pretty awesome.

11. Not really! I hope all of this helped.
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