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1. I know this sounds really silly, but can a jewish girl wear gothic lolita with stars of david instead of crosses ^^;
Go for it! After all, I wear a swastika. My family is Theravadan Buddhist (and the 1st generation immigrants have never heard of Hitler or the Holocaust. :/ My country were too busy suffering our own series of unfortunate events.) and I'd get bitch slapped back to my native country if I tried wearing a cross. (Or hell, if my mother knew I was so interested in Japanese culture she'd head for a hatchet.) The swastika is all over my house.

From View on Buddhism site: THE SWASTIKA

The Swastika is a well-know good-luck symbol from India. Unfortunately, it is too well known in the west, as the Nazis chose it as their main symbol. In Sanskrit, swastika means "conducive to well-being". In the Buddhist tradition, the swastika symbolizes the feet or footprints of the Buddha and is often used to mark the beginning of texts. Modern Tibetan Buddhism uses it as a clothing decoration. With the spread of Buddhism, it has passed into the iconography of China and Japan where it has been used to denote plurality, abundance, prosperity and long life.

(In India, Hindus use the swastika to mark the opening pages of account books, thresholds, doors, and offerings, the right-hand swastika is a solar symbol and the left-hand version represents Kali and magic. Among the Jains it is the emblem of their seventh Tirthankara. Other uses of the symbol: in ancient Mesopotamia it was a favourite symbol on coinage, In Scandinavia it was the symbol for the god Thor's hammer. In early Christian art it was called the gammadion cross because it was made of four gammas. It is also found in Mayan and Navajo art.)
So if I can wear this and no one says anything then you can easily wear stars of david.

2. I was reading on here and I saw that mini top hats are not lolita, why?
*confused* Why not? Plenty of lolitas in the past wear mini top hats. I see them all the time. They're not as popular now but they will always be "lolita". They're one of my favorite toppings since I'm strictly a tailored and classic lolita. There just aren't enough elegant head accessories in classic-style.

3. Do you get a lot of rude comments and rudeness from people when you wear it in public?
I get a lot of interested questions from people who are confused but polite. Most people who are rude are too cowardly to do it openly. They usually snicker and point behind my back, then I'd turn around and take a picture of them. That usually gets their their panties in a knot. *amused* If they ask why, I ask why the pointing and snickering? When they bluster that they weren't laughing at me, I laugh and say, "Well, then I was taking a picture of the building/clouds/imaginary best friend behind you."

4. Would wearing it to school be good idea?
No, mostly because school is so dirty. But if you really want too, go for it. But you'll forever regret that damned mysterious stain you cannot get out no matter what you've tried. *sad*

5. What do you think about furries?
Odd? Amusing? Not my cup of coffee? Hurray that they have the courage to do that in public? I've always wanted a pet but the only one I really want is a rottwailer! And they're not allowed in my apartment. So, will you be mine? XD

On a more serious note: A lolita dress on a fursuit (You already said you won't but it bears repeating.) is not Elegant or Lolita. It's costume play.

6. I've heard mixed opinions on the English Gothic and Lolita Bible, what's your opinion?
I haven't seen the TokyoPop versions. I'm too scared to look.

7. What kind of fabric could I use in sewing a blouse?
Cotton or cotton-blend? This site was really helpful to me when I started, especially the dictionary:

For me it depends on how the fabric drapes on me and the texture I want or if I'm going for a formal type of blouse or casual. I really prefer linen or even muslin just because I love the airy, puffy affect it gives for casual blouses.

8. What fabic would be good in a dress and a jumperskirt? Petticoats?
Broadcloth is my preference for dresses. I've never made a petticoat though.

9. What would be a good lolita sewing project for a beginner seamstress?
Mine was a head bow. XD

10. Is milanoo good for shoes? I know the clothes are crap but I've heard mixed reviews on their shoes. If not where is a place I can get good shoes?
I've never shopped there so I can't say but I've heard horrible things. There are a few reviews on Milanoo on

11. Is there anything that I should know before I wear it? I have been to a lot of sites on lolita since I discovered it so I know some.
You're probably much more elegant when walking than I am (I stomp everywhere) and my thighs get easily tangled in my petticoats. I did not know this because before EGL I didn't like wearing dresses so this came as a nasty surprise to me. Always bring an emergency sewing kit with you that has a Tide stain marker. I swear it's a life saver.
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