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Walking: 3mph, 1.5 miles, 30 minutes
Stationary roundhouse kicks: (100 right leg) (100 left leg)
Crunches: 500 (250 legs vertical) (250 reverse)

Breakfast: Spinach and turkey sausage omelet, toast, milk
Lunch: Chicken, green beans with potatoes
Snack: Chex Mix
Dinner: Grilled cheese with turkey and spinach, pickle, salsa

Honestly, what sadistic person came up with the idea of an eight hour exam? I was so drained that I collapsed practically the moment it was done and slept for two hours (after pre-exam anxiety kept me from getting more than three hours). Two down, one to go.

@Slapthefatcat: On campus gyms are awesome because they're completely free and you can workout right after class without worrying about transportation. I'll be frequenting mine again next semester and not a moment sooner. I don't mind driving in the snow, but once Lake Erie freezes over, I do not plan on leaving my house unless I absolutely have to. Anyway-good luck!
No sacrifice, no victory.
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