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How do I pack a petticoat?

Second post!
(I'm not sure if the lolita forum is the right place for this. This isn't a lolita outfit, but it does contain petticoats, which lolita girls are familiar with.)
Alright! So this summer I'm going with a bunch of friends to a big event up in Oklahoma. It's a multi-day rally at a college. On one of the days, there's an unofficial tradition where the guys dress up as girls. I haven't crossdressed yet but I am going to this year. Most guys usually wear women's casual clothes (like shirts and skirts), but I was going to do something more.
I was planning on wearing a 1950s style shirtwaist dress, with a full skirt and petticoats and all.
The outfit I'm gonna wear looks like this.
(White button-down shirt or blouse, black or otherwise dark circle circle skirt with a belt, and several petticoats)
But the skirt has a silhoutte like this.
I'll be wearing at least one petticoat with the skirt, but I'm probably gonna wear two or more, depending on the fullness, fabric, etc.

The petti I was aiming for would be made out of organdy (strong and poufy, from what I've heard), knee length, and probably around 60 yards of fabric. Shouldn't that be poufy enough?
The question I have is: How do I pack the petticoat without getting it crushed? And what will I do with the petticoat(s) at the event when I'm not wearing them?

So here's the skinny (for the poufy!):
The trip: ~10-12 hour trip in a van packed full of other teenagers. I'm thinking it's best to have the petticoats on top of everyone else's stuff so they don't get squished.
The place I'm staying: It's not a hotel: it's a college dorm. I'll be in the boys dorm, sharing a room with another dude. Small room, 2 beds, and a moderately sized closet that can be used to store clothes. Most people store their dirty clothes in there to dry them, but I'm thinking about using them to hang up the pettis.
The dorms have shared bathrooms with stalls and showers. So hanging a petticoat in there (to get rid of the wrinkles) wouldn't be a good idea. Especially with guys with sloshing around in there and making things wet. Eww.

Yeah. Thanks.
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