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Name of Commissioner: CosplayHouse


Character commissioned and series: Allen Walker from D. Gray Man (1st uniform boots)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
What I ordered:

What I got:

Timeline (how long your order took to process): 3 days from commission request to order confirmation, first pair was sent out 13 days after commission request. (read below for more details)

Describe your Experience.

Before I list pros and cons, I would like to say that I was sent the WRONG pair of boots which arrived two days before my deadline. Luckily I ended up not being able to attend the con that I ordered the boots for, but I ordered them about 4 weeks in advance and the whole shipping process took forever. Then again, that might have had something to do with my location on the USA East coast and the fact that I ordered them toward the end of September (when they were probably getting Halloween commissions).

Pros: Communication and order processing was very quick with the sellers. The base shoe used is very firm and does not seem very likely to break. The shoes fit well and they matched the measurements that I gave them spot-on.

Cons: Apologies in advance for the rant.

Although communication from the sellers was quick, their English was kinda hard to understand. That and the fact that they mixed my order up leads me to believe that they only have an office, if anything, in California as opposed to having their headquarters there.
I am very disappointed in these boots. As you can see from the picture on the top-right, the boots provide absolutely NO heel support/cushioning. When wearing these for a long period of time, the fabric would eventually fold under the heel and I'd end up walking on it all day, making some gross-looking creases.
In the listing, it is clear that the zippers are a dark silver/gray. The zippers on the boots I received are paper white, giving them an almost tacky look. The zipper pulls on the pair I received is one of those normal, rectangular ones rather than the large circle-shaped one listed. I really think they stole the listing picture from another seller.
The fabric used to shape the boot from the ankle & up seems rather unsturdy, only being sewn with a plain superimposed seam.
There is also evidence that the silver parts were spray-painted (or something of the sort). I'm totally fine with this because it looks really nice, except for the fact there are several spots that they missed with the paint.

The site has a strict NO return/refund policy for commissioned items, found in their Help section.

Considering that I paid almost $80 for these boots (that includes shipping back the pair they sent me first that was not what I ordered) and the lateness/inaccuracy/low quality of what I received, I will definitely never do business with this site again.

Final Grade: D+
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