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Originally Posted by Kunoichi Neko View Post
I am still really confused about the whole "hanging upside down" thing. How do I do that???
Well, you take a noose and...
Just kidding. I search this up, and apparently it goes like this.
As I thought. On to a shorts/skirt hanger. A clothesline could work too.
If I'm correct, it looks like the hanger is grabbing the petti by the hem of the inner layer.

Although from what I hear, hanging a petticoat like that only works if there's enough room. If it's being squished on the sides from other clothes, it will eventually lose it's poof. I've heard others say it's better to put a petticoat in a drawer or a bin so that it'll have more room.
Would this be a good way to store a petticoat? (The position, not the location ) I would imagine having the petticoat spread out like that would help keep it "uplifted", but it has to be done on a flat surface, like a drawer, bin, shelf, or floor.
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