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Finally got around to testing the Ben Nye PA. It held up well enough for my needs so I think I'll just use what I have for Sakuracon instead of ordering Pros-aid.

I mixed 50/50 PA and a random acrylic that was the first color I grabbed... creme.

I kinda rushed the painting 'cause I had to share the bathroom with people getting ready for the day... I did feel some pulling as it dried but nothing major. Also, it dries tacky, like Pros-aid, so I did have to powder when it dried. Here's what it looked like.

Then I went and planted trees for three hours. I was wearing gloves and using a shovel, which is probably equivalent to a full day's wear at a convention... When I pulled my gloves off I was sure that I'd have most, if not all of it rubbed off from my palm and fingers. It was mostly still there. Some had come off the fingertips, but the rest was just fine.

And now I'm sitting here, trying to rub the rest off and it's stuck pretty well in some places. I should probably break out the remover now. ^_^
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