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^///^ thank you! omfg we had so much fun!!! We chilled around Downtown Disney and took in the sights, and Bentos is so friggin awesome for an asian resturant!! I mean, there hasn't been an asian resturant that I didn't like...but this place is like in the top 5 for sure!! Friendly service, mostly asians working there so double points for eyecandy ;D And cheap food that's really yummy and fast service!!! I mean, for a kindof fancy looking sit-down resturant, i'm usually expecting to shell out maybe 20-30 a person or something...but for the both of us, the bill came to $25...and mouthwatering teriyaki chicken with noodles and veggies and they serve it in several styles, but we chose the bento box...which has an assortment of yummy dishes and it comes with this very light spongy cake of super deliciousness!!! I highly recommend going to one's full name is Bento Cafe if you're every looking for it.
And we got to the theatre early and holy shit i did not realize how close front row seats were!!! I'm expecting like a fence or some block off from the stage or something like they got at concerts...that's about all the experience I got really of these kinds of shows...but literally, from our seats, we could stretch our legs out and the bottom of our shoes would be touching the stage!!! i was going a little stage-cloesness giddy before it started adn kept touching the stage and giggling like crazy XD And the view of the show was perfect...I don't know how else to describe it hehe...we could see everything at the perfect angle and we only had to strain our necks for one part...that was the flying trapese part where we had to lean up and back. omfg I'm so doing this again when I get the change XD And my gf/fiance really had a great time...she's never seen it live before, and they played songs that her marching band played one year and she was really happy and excited XD *spazz* yeah I had a great time!! ...I'm gonna shut up now, I'm sure I've used up enough space on this page with my flailing and such...hehe
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