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Originally Posted by Burton View Post
Lol! I was looking at your Freddie costume pictures the other day and going, "DAMN I wish I could cosplay Bowie and do Under Pressure with them!" I almost commented but... shy. I'm reading your planned cosplays and you do drag? Do you wear the costumes for performance?

I did a lot of J-Rock cosplay when I was in HS so it's always seemed fairly acceptable to me to cosplay real people. If they have a notable "image" or stage persona, I don't see where it's different than cosplaying a character. There seems to be a nice amount of it at my favorite convention, Dragon*Con. Axl Rose. KISS. Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister. I saw Joan Jett this year.

I've done Gaga.
I'm currently working on Ziggy Stardust.
I'm also cosplaying as Russell Brand and I like to have fantasies of someone cosplaying Katy Perry in one of her California Girls outfits with me.

I'd also love to do Adam Ant or find a partner to do Mick Jagger and David Bowie from the Dancing In The Streets video.

YOU! You're awesome. And if you're ever in Texas, look me UP! You can totally do "Under Pressure" with me! It would be great to do a duet instead of a solo for once.

Yeah, I do a little drag. Mostly as Freddie. I do "I'm Going Slightly Mad" with a Freud sock puppet and "Fat Bottomed Girls."

John Denver is actually part of two humorous (but totally respectful-of-the-dead) remix routines with other drag kings.

And I'd totally be your Mick Jagger. Lol.

And you want to do a Beatles costume?! DUDE. I want to do Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band costumes SO badly, but I need a John and a Ringo. (I'd be best at George, I think.)

Oh, and props to whoever did Dee Snider. Always kind of wanted to get a Frank Zappa, and a Dee Snider to go with my John Denver, simply so we could have "F*CK CENSORSHIP! DOWN WITH THE PMRC! 1984" signs.
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