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Name of Commissioner= Cosplay Station

Website/ gallery=

Character commissioned and series/video game= Three Wigs; Beyond Birthday/L, Matt and Mello from Death Note

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item=
-BB= http://beyondswaraningyo.deviantart....41749#/d2zesvc
-Matt= http://beyondswaraningyo.deviantart....41734#/d2y0kks
-Mello&Matt= (Mello on left; Matt on right) http://beyondswaraningyo.deviantart....lery/#/d350d2z
(Matt on left; Mello on right) http://beyondswaraningyo.deviantart....lery/#/d34tj5g
(Sorry about the yaoi pics; my Mello has all the pictures with just him and he photoshopped the contrast. So I figured my raw photos would be better to show ^^")

Timeline= I actually can't buy over the internet, so I picked up the wigs in person. I don't remember the exact dates; as the first two were bought during the summer and Mello during November, but I do know that they were completed within 3 or 4 days of my ordering.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
Pros= She was fast, and I'm always pleseantly surprised with the results. From what I see as well, her wigs seem to be fair price.
Cons= I'm usually surprised... It doesn't usually turn out the way I picture it, but that's probably just me (Either way it's usually better than what I picture). ^^
Comments= She's nice, and even when I forgot to ask for one, she gave me a quote. And, yeah. ^^

Final Grade: A

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