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Originally Posted by sam vimes View Post
I roared.

EDIT: I seen you lurkin', Nanny Ogg. Out with it!
What, me? I went to bed! But now I'm lurking!

I dunno, every time I see In Cadmium's signature, it reminds me of the essay my two exchange students found in the library one day and brought home because they couldn't believe American high school students were really that stupid. Someone had printed it and left it on the printer. It went something like this:


I like Mexico. It is a nice country. Mexico has sunshine. It is warm. I want to go to Mexico some day

Seriously, my 3rd grader could write a better essay. I told my students they never have to worry about their English around here, and sure enough, they were the ones helping their classmates...

Oh, and here's my question... Sam Vimes, where is my snow? It hasn't snowed at all in my part of Kansas this year, and I want to know where it went. I suspect the dwarves have buried it somewhere under Ankh Moorpork, but I figured you would know for sure...
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