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Name of Commissioner:fancyuush (store is called wig cosplay wig? Idk)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item
Timeline (how long your order took to process):
Placed my order on their ebay site and then received the wig within a couple weeks. Very timely.

Describe your Experience.
I had the urge to cosplay Sailor Moon but could not find a reasonably priced wig. I had seen this wig on ebay but couldn't find any reviews of the seller on so I was hesitant to buy it. However, after asking many cosplayers where they bought their Sailor Moon wigs, one whom I really respected referred me to this store. Thus, I bought it.

It came very quickly in the mail and very well packed. The quality of the wig is actually pretty decent and so are the wig fibers. The price was reasonable and the color of the wig was great. Pretty much what was in the picture. The wig is also very easy to adjust because the odangos and pigtails are detachable.

The wig required a lot of styling when I received it, not that I minded too much. (prestyling isn't very mail friendly!). The pigtails also got very frizzy very quickly, which irks me a bit but is not unreasonable for pigtails of this length. The wig cap for this wig is also pretty small, so I would not recommend it to people with especially large heads (it barely fits my head!) However, once you get used to the smaller wig cap, the wig is not particularly uncomfortable. The skin top also was a bit warped on my wig but not too noticeable (I hope!). I think with some help I can make the skin top look a bit better and less misshapen in the back. In some places the wig can be a bit thin but not very noticeable if styled correctly

Basically, a good price for a decent quality Sailor Moon wig, but it requires a lot of work and maintenance. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone who is not willing to work with it a lot.

Final Grade: B-

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