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Historical Judging of Military Uniforms

I'm doing World War II military uniforms for the historical in 2011, and I have a few questions for those who have done military stuff at CC in the past.

1. Are there any rules on wearing the uniforms at all? I guess some places won't allow non-military to wear military uniforms even if they are homemade (this is according to some kids on, so I don't know how accurate it is), but is this a problem for CC? I haven't ACTUALLY seen any 20th century military uniforms at a CC at all, now that I think of it. Before I start spending actual money on this project, I want to make sure I can do it.

2. What are the rules on insignia and such? For example, my plan as of right now is to portray a WAC officer in 1945 dress uniform. Enlisted personnel were not allowed to wear dress uniforms in the WAC until well after the war, so I would have to be an officer. All officers had a rank on their shoulder boards. A friend in the modern military told me that she would be offended if I put a rank on my uniform for a convention, and she's pretty laid back compared to some others I've met. I would like to make the rank insignia to prove that I can, but I wonder if I should considering it might offend people. Would it be considered laziness or appropriateness for me NOT to have any rank insignia?
If I were to do a service uniform instead, I could go without rank entirely, but then I should have an insignia patch for my unit. That would probably be looked down upon just as much though I was thinking of going with the unused OSS design which is sort of a "phantom" design never used on any uniforms. That way, I'd have a period patch but nothing that represents a unit anyone was in. Thoughts?

3. What about Soviet stuff? I want to make a 1945 NKVD victory parade uniform for my husband, and they covered their uniforms in all of their medals. Because it's a country that no longer exists, is it okay to make Soviet medals? Or is that also offensive? I see people make Nazi honors for costumes all the time...

So hard to decide here what to do. Help is appreciated!!!
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