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For two cosplays, really.
Cloud Strife - despite how he's often drawn in fanart in manga, he was in the military. He DOES have at *least* definition, you can see that even in his Crisis Core self:

Sebastian Michaelis - one hell of a butler. For me to cosplay a character that's currently so popular, I want to do it [strike]great[/strike] justice. I'd love to do fanservice-y sexy poses knowing I actually look sexy. =x *camwhore when provoked*

Aiming for Acen, I wonder how much I can lose by then? At least I have a few months.
And then there's Youmacon. =D
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Ohayocon11 - coming soon

Planned Cosplays for Acen/Youma
(possibly) Bard - Fri only
Sebastian Michaelis (& rave ver. Sat night)
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