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I borrowed your star (*).

Trinity Blood -- Anime and Manga
Female -
*Lilith Sahl -- medium to dark,
*Shahrzad al-Rahman -- medium to dark,
Male - Baibars Duke of Khartoum -- dark,

SPOILERS The Five Star Stories <--click -- Manga
females -
*Fatima Chandanna -- medium. Ethnicity seems based off of Northern India.
Fatima Vintin -- medium to dark,
Fatima Andromeda -- medium to dark,
Fatima Paltenon -- dark, definitely. Her ethnicity is based on the Masai African warrior tribe.
Myoury Kinky -- dark, she's also got shoulder-length wiry, dread-lock hair.

males - blue are tanned or the lighter side of medium-dark.
*Colus the III -- tanned,
*Dougulous Kaien -- tanned,
Dimos Hiahraki -- tanned,
Trao Ballanka -- tanned,
Wandam Harrier -- tanned,
*Jhon (John) Weinzel -- darkly tanned,
Leopard Crytharis -- mean, tanned.
*Voards Viewlard -- tanned, suffering from the same bad coloring as Leopard.
*Muse van Reyback -- tanned...same as Voards and Leopard,

(NOTE: Leopard, Voards and Muse are the exact color of a light skinned Caucasian who has severe sunburn and is turning orange-red after peeling. Or at least how it looks in my English language versions. Mamoru Nagano is known for his attention to detail so this doesn't seem accidental.)
Eidrian (Paison) Tag -- tanned to medium, kind of a sallow darkly yellow brown,
State Ballo Kaiedia -- tanned to medium.
Roados Dragoon -- tanned to medium. Older man/cowboy-type leathery brown.

Lotus Bolunga -- medium,
Grard Sydmian -- medium,
*Joegeo Spantousen -- medium to dark. Ethnicity seems Middle-eastern.
Bijoutorn Corlarla -- medium to dark.
*Allen Braford -- medium to dark. Ethnicity seems based on Native American,
Nu. Suoad Graphight -- dark. Ethnicity seems based on Native American,
Vogin de Leibuch -- very dark. Ethnicity seems based on African type.

SPOILERS Karas <--click -- Anime
female - *Yurine -- medium to dark, depending on light. The guardian spirit of Tokyo, apparently. Neon-bright pink/white/blue hair in a ski-punk-raver outfit depending on...well, everything. She's not a person or even a singular entity. Can be seen in the top-most string of screenshots with a bunch of other Karas.

*Otoha -- medium to dark, depending on light -- the titular Karas, wearing a long black trench coat and turtleneck.
*Kure Narumi -- medium to dark, depending on light -- The police officer mentioned in the above link wearing a puffy red jacket.

Arislan Senki (The Heroic Legend of Arislan) -- Anime, Manga and Novel
male -
*Daryoon/Darü -- medium,
*Eran/Elam -- medium to dark,
Lajendra/Rajendra -- dark,
Gardeep/Gadevy -- dark,

Sentou Yousei Shoujo Tasukete <--click -- Anime
female - *Mave-Chan -- medium

Appleseed Ex Machina
male - SPOILER Highlight -->Briareos Hecatonchires - his clone has medium skin tone,

Dangaioh - Anime
female - Pai Thunder - medium to dark
male - Rol Kran - medium
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