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Originally Posted by tunesonatuesday View Post
I'm looking at making a Miroku and Sango pair, so I went back and watched episode 24. It looks like the pants are already on the ground and she drops the shirt, because you can see the collar, so it must be a shirt, with high-waisted fitted pants. This is going to make my Sango's life much easier, lol.

A question I have is, Miroku seems to wear some sort of leggings under his robe, would wearing black leggings be enough, you think?

We were thinking that, for the armor plates on Sango's front and back, that we would just attach them with snaps to keep them in place, that tie the sash to keep them snug, then they would be easy to take on and off but still be secure.
For the leggings of Miroku, they are teal blue, and I stress this because of the episode of his appearance! Watch the part where he fights Inuyasha! He does this back flip thing and you can see up his robes. (Don't ask how I know this, I had to pause it suddenly and it paused right there. I cracked up. And I will post that screen shot. xD)
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