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Originally Posted by lovesexnpocky View Post
YES This works very well! Heads up though. When I did it, I had to get 90" wide muslin, about 2 yards long. Dyed it purple (And to get the right color, it was hell >.<) Also, I had difficulty tying the bow, so I took a strip of cloth, folded it neatly, and tied it around the middle and around the strap that comes over the shoulder. It worked well :3

Sorry, I'm pretty hard core about Miroku, I got kinda sick of seeing him done wrong, or lazy looking! :3 <3 <3 <3

And one more note on the leggings. >.> you could do shin guards instead, like they claim they are, but why not just make or buy teal stretch pants? I guess since I'm a girl, it worked for me, but I like having things under my robes XD

And now my picture: Attachment 34965 <-- >< Bad quality, but they look like leggings :3 Ultimately, it's up to the cosplayer :3
That wrapping thing never worked for me, it looked too sloppy, and I tried it several times. It probably is the most accurate way to tie it all into one piece, but it never looked good when I did it. Also, I somehow find it hard to believe that his kesa is cut that way... I think I will go for the looks instead of the functions of the kesa when I make mine.

Heh, when it comes to whatever he wears under the robes; don't you think he wears shin guards instead of leggings? I don't think leggings were invented back then. XD
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