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I entirely understand being a stickler about Miroku. I love his character and I'm tired of seeing him done poorly and sloppily, which is one of the main reasons I want to cosplay him. Also, my cosplay partner has agreed to be Sango, and we've been friends for years and years so she has no problem with me grabbing her butt and I have no problem with her hitting me.

If I do the leg guards or leggings I'll try to find the right color. I kind of get a kick out of how, even though he's supposed to be a "humble monk", Miroku wears such expensive colours. Purple was really hard to make, and I don't think that teal green was very easy either.

I'm probably going to find a fabric with a nice woven texture for the kesa, because in my art book he always has a tweed-ish woven screentone over his kesa, then I'll dye it. I'm also going to look for a similar fabric for Sango's green skirt, then dye that as well. It should give it a nice difference in texture that way and maybe make it a bit more interesting to look at.

I've just painted beads to use on Sango's slayer outfit, and now I think I'm going to see if I can make Miroku's ring out of sculpy. I'm not sure if it will be strong enough.
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