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^_^ Ah, I had no problem (Except when I got the wrong fabric width <3)

The only reason I say go with leggings anyway, is because they can serve a multiple function. >< Personally I don't like to feel too breezy, and most cons I go too are either cold, or incredibly hot. Leggings prevent chafing and keep the cold at bay. (My poor Sango and our Kagome froze) But like I said, it's up to the cosplayer! :3 As long as the same affect is obtained, and the cosplayer has fun, nothing else could possibly matter! ^___^

@tunesonatuesday: Same with my Sango. I've known her for years. It's almost weird how we act like them without thinking about it. This was before I really got into the series. It came natural to us, hence the attraction to cosplay them.

And I'm so glad you are looking into different materials to do their costumes in. I stuck with muslin and broadcloth. But I've seen Koromo's made out of Halloween robes... >.< I've only met ONE Miroku I really liked. (We even had the same earrings... O_o)
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