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Originally Posted by tunesonatuesday View Post
Haha, I love Nobunaga. When he pulls out the bra and he's like "This isn't food!" I crack up every time.
And when Kagome asks for his autograph and finds out he isn't Nobunaga Oda. Lawl.
Hahah, awesome! XD
So cool to hear some people actually remember him. >w<

I'm sewing the squares on his hakama right now btw... but... OH JESUS GOD MY SEWING MACHINE IS ANNOYING THE HELL OUT OF ME RIGHT NOW!! x_x
It's being really really mean and won't do anything like I want right now, I'm so pissed so I'm taking a break at the moment... *deep breaths*
C'mon, c'mon, chill down... chill down... it's not that bad... 1, 2, 3...

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