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This thread is so awesome, thanks to everyone who has put their input in this thread so far!

I have a question about the latex wrinkling or bunching up, though. In some of the pictures you posted, cachalot, I can see how the latex wrinkled in the photo of your husband due to his slouch, and in one of the photos of your Shiva you can see it wrinkling on your neck due to the way your head is turned.

I'm looking into maybe using PAX for a full face coverage (in the event I can't get it to work with Aquacolors), but I'm going to be making some very animated expressions, so I'm wondering if the latex will pull awkwardly or wrinkle depending on what my face does. Your expressions in Shiva are all pretty focused and still, so do you have any advice on how it holds up to lots of face movement? I'll also have some prosthetics on, so it would be pretty convenient to get to use the PAX for both applying the pieces and covering the rest of my skin.

Thanks so much!

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