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Name of Merchant: Bodyline
Items ordered: 1499yen Miku base wig, 2 999yen vances
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: coming

Timeline (how long your order took to process): The order was placed through rakuten and took about one week to process even with some restocking issues. Shipping was within Japan.

Experience: My friend Mike was entering an animesong kareoke contest and didn't have anything to wear. My friend and I have Love is War Rin and Len costumes and we had an extra Miku Love is War lying around from a botched Comiket group last year. Rather than let the costume go to waste and the boy go nekkid, we decided to have him try on the Miku. As it turns out, Mike and I are exactly the same waist size!!! GRRRRR~

In any case, he needed a wig... one we could have him totally destroy at Yorustar (a nightclub event we all attend) without opening horrible holes in our pockets.

Bodyline could give us a base wig and two vances for about 3500 yen (US $50). With the next cheapest Miku coming in around the 6,000 mark ~ Bodyline it was!

We ordered the wig and vances in "emerald green" which came out more or less the turquoise color we wanted.

Pros: I'll be dammned. The wig actually looked pretty good. There were no obvious bare spots, it fit well and the vances were well enough made to stay in and look decent.

The color is pretty spot-on for Miku and it was all wearable without cutting and styling. A bit of wax on the bangs and our friend was ready to go.

The price is unbeatable in Japan. Most good Miku wigs cost well over the $80/90 mark. And while I wouldn't make the stretch to call this a "good" wig, I'd certainly consider it a useable one.

Cons: Not resistant to high-heat styling.

Prone to flyaways.

Vances are thin and the clips are covered by deliberately backcombed/tangled hair that eventually migrates into tangles at the top of the twintails themselves.

While the turquoise color it appears to be in person is spot-on, in some lighting and photographs, the wig turns blue.

Fibers are high sheen. They're extremely stretchy and plasticy, having a nylon-esque pull that none of the wigs I usually work with have ever had. Fibers break easily and warp even more easily, curling and frizzing whenever they catch or tangle. These warped fibers can not be repaired and need to, instead, be cut. They melt at pretty low heat, too. Even my hairdryer seemed to upset the wig a bit.

Combing out tangles actually warps the fibers, so it isn't really a wig you can use more than once or twice without destroying unless you're extremely careful with it.

We had to spend 3 hours detangling the twintails after the first gentle wear and ended up throwing them out because they were unsavable after the second.

That's 2,000 yen down the tube on the one hand... but 2 events it pulled us through on the other.

Final Comments: Not a "nice" wig, but a useable one. It looks good enough, but it won't stand up to styling or the test of time. If you tangle it, it's over :/ I would buy another Bodyline wig for a cheap, one-shot costume or encourage newbies to check out their shorter, easier to manage styles as a cheap alternative and slight step up from Halloween party wigs.

Final Grade: C+
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