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Well. XD

I have a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, and the first time he ever visited my house was last summer, and he stayed for the weekend. On that Friday, he told me that he wanted to french kiss me...but I really wasn't so sure about it, so I said, "I promise that I will sometime this weekend. It'll be when you least see it coming." I do things like that a lot anyway, so that might have hidden the fact that I was unsure...I think he realized it, though, but I certainly couldn't blame him for being curious, I was curious myself. XD He asked me about it a few more times as the weekend went on, and I told him, "Well, if I did it now, you'd be expecting it." So, on Sunday evening, we were laying in my bed (talking! XD), and I decided to just go for it, because I'd promised him. I actually did manage to surprise him, which I was pleased about. XD I couldn't really get that into it, I had feared, it's not really something that's that enjoyable for me...I mean, it's not horrible, but, you know. XD He liked it, though, but he now understands my feelings about it, and only asks me to do that for him every once in a while. ^^; But I think it's alright, because there are lots of other things that we can do to show how much we care for each other, so one little thing like that can't get in the way. ^^
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