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I'm pretty sure the French part doesn't "really" have to do with France.

As for mine... It was with my first girlfriend on a horribly fun and horrific vacation that I took with her family about 6 months or so into the relationship. We were pretty content with just regular kissing and a little second base until that vacation. >.> And, there's a huge story with this one... But, I'll skip most of it. Can you tell I'm a little long-winded yet? XD

The long and the short of it though.... Is, we were out with her family at Yellowstone and her dad was / probably still is a giant ass/jerk/etc. So, she decided to get my grandmother one of those collectible shot glasses since she knew that she collected them. Her dad goes off about how my gf doesn't appreciate them and all this b/c she got 'my' grandmother a gift... And ends up dumping us on the side of the road at the edge of Jackson Hole, WY around 4pm or so and says he doesn't care what the #$@# we do, but we better be back at the RV by midnight.

The campground where the RV was that we were staying in was about 10 miles from the other side of town... So of course she's all upset and bawling... And I cheer her up and comfort her, then we take our own foot tour of the city and get a nice dinner at one of the restaurants in town there.

We then walk the 10 miles out to the campground and sit on one of the benches there in a little clearing off by itself under the moon, me holding her close. Then she turns to me with her hand on my chest and kisses me. And, kissing leads to second base... Which leads to french kissing... And a little more from there... >.>
We get back to the RV at like 11:30pm and her dad looks up from his laptop and says all smugly, "Have fun?". I just smirked a bit and thought to myself, "You have no idea."
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