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D'aww~ cute stories, guys! :>

First kiss ever? When I was... I think seven or eight? My best friend's little brother - who was six at the time, I think - had a crush on me. I forgot what were were all doing, I think we were playing around in the pool. Out of the blue, he just came and stole a peck. I remember I chased him down the hallway that connected our houses, yelling at him for "ruining" the experience for me. XD

First real kiss? Winter break, senior year of high school. The guy and I had already been on a "date" (hanging out just us, with none of our other friends in tow.) And we sort of already knew something was going on. So, we're chilling in his room, watching TV. We start joking around, which leads to poking/tickling/play-"fighting". Before I know it, he's on me, and I'm laughing uncontrollably. I just would not stop giggling! That is, until I suddenly felt him leaning down closer to me and... bam.

It was actually pretty cute, and it worked in stopping my giggle attack. :P We dated for a while, and we're still great friends.
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