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Originally Posted by kiratsukai View Post
A little tongueflick across the lips is sexy. Someone's tongue lodged in my trachea is not.
Whoever did that to you was doing it wrong. .__. Tonsil check-ups are best left to doctors, no need to go that far!

Originally Posted by Aearon View Post
We get back to the RV at like 11:30pm and her dad looks up from his laptop and says all smugly, "Have fun?". I just smirked a bit and thought to myself, "You have no idea."
Win! Hey, at least you guys made the best out of her father leaving you, right? *wink*

Mine was with the same guy as my first "regular" kiss. I think it was a week later. Same scenario, we were just hanging out alone at his house watching movies (as we usually did), and he went for it. It sort of just escalated to that, from a regular kiss, without us even realizing it. I guess that guy and I were pretty in-sync physically, because it was actually rather nice. No complaints here. Yay for synchronized tongues? *THAT sounded awkward!*

I... erm... really don't see anything wrong with 'em. Granted, I've only done it with two guys so far in my entire life, so maybe I just got lucky that both were good kissers?
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