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Mine was at Otakon...2005? I believe? So that would make me 14.

But anyway. It was probably about 11 at night or so, and my boyfriend, two other friends, and I were hanging out at the very top area of the convention center where the masquerade used to be held. We were kinda goofing off, as some young con-goers tend to do (I regret to admit we used some of THOSE kids u.u), and at one point when my two other friends weren't quite paying attention, my boyfriend took me around the corner and he french kissed me. So the kiss was pretty awkward in itself (I had braces back then too..rofl), but when we turned around after the kiss was over, we found one of our friends staring at us befuddled. So it was THAT much more awkward. xDD

It was really funny though, and for the rest of the night my boyfriend and I would just look at each other and laugh.

But I still think french kisses are weird to this day. Don't like them. xD
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