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Name of Commissioner: Hello Cosplay
Website: Right o'er here
Character commissioned and series: Fate Testarossa (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: -- Haven't worn it yet. Reasons below. It should've looked like this though =__=;
Timeline: Ordered in mid December, received around December 27 (2010)

~The time it took to make the outfit was fast ... (maybe too fast ...)

Cons: Ugh. Where do I start?
~Connection from the one-piece to the cape has a massive issue. When you try to move, it will unsnap on one side, and then you try to snap that side back in, the other side will unsnap.
~The third red line on Fate's outfit was supposed to have a golden connector. For the love of god, they used an elastic band.
~The second red line on the outfit had the proper "golden" piece on it, but it was cut so sloppily and sewed on crooked.
~I asked for two skirts; white & pink. The pink was made in the correct measurements, but was lacking some way to connect the two sides. For the white one they, quote on quote: "improved it in the original design,so that you can wear it a long time by adjusting the connector." Which was a total lie. I didn't ask for "improvement." I asked for same measurements as the pink, a velcro snap to connect the two sides, and the same design as the pink. Instead they made the white skirt like 2x my actual measurements, put a velcro snap on it, and said you could "adjust it" ... You can't ... How? AGH! -facepalm-
~The belt was nothing like the images, hell they made it so that it works with the white skirt ... Which means I can't wear it unless I totally change it
~There are countless other issues, but if I continue I'll end up writing a book

~They didn't offer a single thing. I asked if they were willing to take it back and refund. Yeah, they are. Unfortunately, to send this piece of **** back would cost half the price of the costume. Not even worth my time. So in the end, I asked them to give me spare parts and the materials I need to fix up the damnable problems free of charge. The manager gladly said yes. So here I am, still waiting for my spare parts.

There are tons of other issues with the outfit, but if I any more I think I'll reach the stage of a heart attack.

Final Grade: F- (I'd give it a D-, but seriously the result was catastrophic. There was communication, yes, but that doesn't make up for all the things that are wrong with this outfit.)
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