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@Hee-Hee: PAX paint WILL wrinkle after it dries. Because it is an adhesive-based body covering that's thicker than a true body paint cover (which is really thin), as it follows the movement of your skin (stretching as you move, etc), it will crease and wrinkle. It looks almost reptilian up close - a lot of my friends at the con who were with me in the FFX group commented that it made me look even less human as Shiva because of the weird texture of the PAX on my skin.

However, I do want to assure people that this doesn't make the PAX less durable at all. I didn't move my face at all for photos, but I spent a bunch of the day smiling and making weird faces at people when I wasn't in character for the photoshoot, and the paint on my face lasted me all day until I went back to the hotel to try and peel it off (and then it didn't want to come off, still).

If you're planning on closeups of your face, though, PAX might not be the best idea if you are concerned about texture, since it does leave wrinkle lines and things while you're making animated expressions. It's best for full-body paint and things like that.
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