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Originally Posted by penny_dreadful View Post
Man, I read about migas a while ago in a cookbook and have been DYING to try it. There's not really a presence here in the northeast.

I did occasionally make a breakfast dish with fried egg, chorizo, black beans, fried tortilla strips, hot sauce, and cotija cheese which was pretty outrageous, but a single human heart can only take so much abuse.

Also, I will eat any of the breakfast dishes at the Flying Biscuit, but it requires flying to Atlanta, and I only get to do that about once a year.
I think you'd like Austin. Tex-Mex as far as the eye can see. And Deep South cuisine (conveniently made vegetarian or vegan, if you so choose.)
I'll find you a recipe for Migas, if you'd like. No one should miss out.

But today I just had scrambled eggs, toast, and tea. Could it get more bland than that?

EDIT: Omg. The Orange-Scented French Toast at The Flying Biscuit sounds AMAZING.
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