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Originally Posted by Tenshi0080 View Post
hey is there anyone that can help me, i will be moving to nippon in june, and i wanted to know what there is to do on the cosplay scene around the yokosuka area, and if anything how far away that is from tokyo or any of the other high cosplay areas.....
It is nice to hear that we will have new member in our community.

There are many people who might be helpful for you. Once you check other <Japan> forums, you will find some active foreigner cosplayers. Some of them have long experience in Japan and will be able to share their ideas.

I will recommend you to read some threads in <Japan> forum first. I would say once you understand Comiket rules, you will have good idea about Japanese cosplay scene. All you need to do else is to learn some local rules and some ticket system for some other events.

Yokosuka locates in convenient area to go to Tokyo. You can go to Tokyo in 70 min without changing trains, and to Yokohama in 40 min.
There are many cosplay events in Yokohama too.
Also, I know many cosplayers here will go to Summer Comiket (in August), and they might be happy to help you in starting your cosplay career in Japan.

I am happy to help you, but I am not good at English.

Good luck !
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