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Name of Merchant: AssistWig
Items ordered: A New Year's Lucky Bag containing two short wigs in "latte" and "ginger", two long wigs in silver-white and "sax blue", a medium length wig in silvery blonde, and a styling set with a comb, hard hair spray and oil spray.
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: coming

Timeline (how long your order took to process): The order was placed directly and took about 4 days to process. Shipping was within Japan.

Experience: I purchased their 9,999 yen Lucky Bag on a whim, having never tried an Assist Wig before. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Pros: The lucky bag sale in particular represents a tremendous value: 5 brand new, heat-resistant wigs each with their own storage bag, drawstring "Assistwig"-branded carrying bag, two matching wig-caps and a hair-net. The bonus styling supplies were also quite nice. In all, I recieved over 30,000 yen worth of wigs for a little more than 10,000 after shipping.

All of the wigs arrived in pristine condition. The fibers are smooth, soft and thickly wefted. Long wigs resist tangles and comb out beautifully.

The colors are all muted and flatter my skin tone, including the bright purplish-pink wig that I doubted would.

The wigs are much roomier than most other Japanese wig companies and though there are no skin-tops, it's virtually impossible to lay any of the wig's top bare through styling.

Cons: Lucky Bags contain discontinued and closeout items, meaning falling in love with these particular colors or wanting them in another style of wig is an excersize in sorrow The "latte" in particular I really wish would stick around. But I suppose all good things must come to an end: even gorgeous wig colors.

The average retail price of Assist Wigs (about 5600 yen) is a little steep for a wig without a skintop or any special styling, but I would certainly purchase wigs used, on sale or in closeout without hesitation. They're very nice.

Final Comments: 5 gorgeous, brand new wigs and a handful of styling products for about 10,000 yen. I'll use two as-is, dye the third and sell the other two to make back what I can from the initial investment. That's a pretty stellar haul for a blind-packed grab bag! Beyond that, wigs are soft, thick and flattering.

Final Grade: A+
Basement Sale: Touhou: Mokou costume, clearfiles/shitajiki, NeoRomance/Angelique artbook, etc.

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