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@Mesoian Welcome to the season of New Year's resolutions. Sadly most people will drop their resolution in a few months. But not anyone on here, right guys?!

Granola and Yogurt w/ berries, a cup and a half of coffee, two cups of water
Half a stuffed chicken breast, a cup of chocolate milk, two cups of water
chili, pasta, salad, a glass of milk, two cups of water
two pieces of chocolate, a cup of tea, more water

Thirty minutes on the treadmill running at 8.5 min/mile pace with a minute and a half of slow jogging between each mile.

I just realized that I've been running on the treadmill without thinking to add some incline, so I might not be able to run the half-marathon I've been training for at the pace I hoped to. arg! All of my long runs have been outside, so hopefully my legs got enough hill work in then.
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