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Originally Posted by SweetOcarina View Post
Macarons. I am being force fed macarons. Aoisakura is learning to make them, so what happens to the failures?

Someone is eating many almond meringues...
I love, love, love macarons, but they're pretty labor-intensive and take some practice. Maybe I'll make a batch this weekend, just for giggles. Was supposed to make some around New Year's, but I was too sick, and that bag of almond flour keeps staring me in the face, JUDGING ME.

Today I kind of just got out of bed (hello, snow day), but I'm marinating some chicken in root beer barbecue sauce to eat with spicy sweet potato fries and veggies tonight. My black beans are still soaking. I've been snacking on crackers with this spicy red pepper hummus that is outrageously good in the meantime.
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