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Originally Posted by HomeDepot View Post
Almost all cheese is made with animal rennet. Unless it says specifically that it is microbial rennet on the package, an animal was killed to get the rennet. On the bright side it takes a ridiculously small amount of rennet to culture milk, only one teaspoon for every 5 gallons of milk.

If you are really concerned, and looking for a fun project you can order microbial rennet and make your own cheese. This guy gives really good instructions:

I made the "basic cheese for one gallon" and aged it for about a month. It was pretty good.
I need to check that out, my Mum makes all kinds of cheese and it appears to me to be half carefully controlled science and half crazy arcane magic and yet still mostly luck.

Speaking of - the pork joint was bigger than we thought, so left-over pie with cold water pastry. I'm gonna try to sneak a good thick layer of grated mozzarella and edam with lots of black pepper in between the crust and the meat.
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