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I've had issues before with people...AKA someone pretended to be a 9 year old girl. I kinda thought "this doesn't line up" So I googled the city and last name and found "her" father, So what did I do? I found the phone number of the school "she" would go too. What did I find? Their wasn't a girl of that name attending the school.

So I found the families phone number, and address. And confronted "her" about it. Turns out Sabrina is a 23 year old guy heh. Since then I have found personal information for 2 other people and called them out on lying to various people to get money and games. Because I found their *real* male facebooks teehee.

I also found another friend I met through skype we had a "stalking battle" We both had eachothers ages, last name, and state.

I found his address and phone number that day :3 He never found mine...mwahahha

But, stalking CAN be used for good mostly against lying idiots you meet through xbox live. And that website couldn't find me lolol. AND you do know that websites like that grow by you typing in your email/address/phone number trying to find "yourself" right? But smart people don't need websites like that. Just about 6 hours, google, and motive xD

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