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Hetalia Resources and Tutorials

I don't believe we have one of these posts yet, so I thought I'd make one myself. Feel free to post anything else helpful and I'll add it to the list.

Ethnic: a series of pictures showing the nations in the clothes of their homeland
Gakuen: the World Academy, or school that the nations sometimes attend
Nyotalia: genderbent, where all the males are females and all the females are males

Use ctrl(Control) + F to find anything specific.

References (Anime):
Prussia, Canada, Romano, Belgium, Spain, and Finland
Greece, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus
France, Germany, and Japan
Chibitalia and Chibi-others
Austria, Russia, China, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein

References (Comic):
America and young Europeans
America ethnic
Austria and Hungary ethnic
Belarus head
Canada ethnic
Denmark and Norway
Estonia head
Finland, Prussia, Italy, and Germany accurate military
Finland head
Finland's outfit
France 7 Years War
France's outfit
Gakuen female
Gakuen male
Gakuen insignia
Greece ethnic
Greece head
Hair and eye colour chart
Hong Kong head
Hong Kong
Hungary head
Hungary uniform
Italy growing up
Japan ethnic
Japan's jacket
Korea head
Korea's outfit
Korea's pants
Lithuania head
Lithuania Ethnic
Nyotalia Axis and Allies
Nyotalia Axis and Allies + Hungary
Nyotalia Canada
Nyotalia Hungary
Nyotalia Liechtenstein
Nyotalia Romano
Nyotalia Russia
Nyotalia Spain
Nyotalia Sweden, Spain, and Romano
Nyotalia Taiwan
Nyotalia UK
Poland Ethnic
Poland Ethnic 2
Poland blue outfit
Poland green outfit
Prussia and Austria Seven Years War
Revolutionary US and UK
Russia ethic
Spain ethnic
Sweden head
Sweden's outfit
Switzerland and Liechtenstein ethnic
Switzerland grey uniform
Switzerland green uniform
Thailand head
UK and US random military
UK ethnic
Ukraine and Belarus Military

Continued in Post #3

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