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Talking Latest cosplay purchases!

I tried to search after a thread like this but didn't seem to find any, forgive me if there's already a thread out there that's a replica of this one...

So I thought it would be interesting to hear what's the latest purchases/materials you fellow cosplayers have bought for your cosplays! Please share them here and it would be great to get some more info, for example where you bought it and what cosplay you're going to use it for etc etc. Post 'em folks!


Today me and my one cosplaying (best) friend went out to a shopping center after school, it's not that far away, walking distance. We went into this one shop, Tiimari, that sells stuff like carneval costumes, party stuff, school objects for children, glue and glitters, plastic flowers and just random crafty things like styrofoam objects etc etc. That shop is sometimes a good searching place for cosplay "raw material". lol
So yeah, my friend found some pretty big blue plastic beads that I could use to make the bracelet for my current dream cosplay... wuhuuu! <3
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